Functions of CMC

Functions of City Municipal Council:

The aims and objectives for which the Society is established are:

The aims Objectives:-

1)  To strengthen the quality of urban local government through e-governance.

2) To host or arrange for hosting the database and the application servers of the Urban Local Bodies.

3) To hold or to arrange to hold the data of the Urban Local Bodies in trust and provide or arrange to provide all security and backup services to professionally accepted standards.

4) To provide or to arrange provide support on connectivity and its related issues.

5) To provide to arrange provide technical support for the Urban Local Bodies for running of their applications.

6) To design or arrange to design the upgrades to the existing applications as and when necessary.

7) To design or arrange to design the new modules for Municipal e-Governments.

8) To Provide special support for the Member institutions by acting as the central repository for the digitized maps of all member institutions and Urban related Utilities, To also provide or arrange to provide GIS lab facility with spatial data, centre that can keep track of the map requirement with periodic updation for all the Member institutions.

9) To provide or arrange standards for the Urban Local Bodies for their Business Processes Re-engineering.

10) To Carry out aggregation of Common data for the Government.

11) To design or arrange to design the upgrades to the existing applications as and when necessary.

12) To advice Member Institutions on matters related to IT and Systems.

13) To manage upgrades and releases of the procured software and incorporate it into the system.

14) To arrange for overseas training and visits, for capacity building of personal of Member-institutions in the field of e-governance.

15) To affiliate and/or amalgamate with any others Society, institute, or agency having objectives wholly or in part similar to the objectives of the society.

16) To do all such other lawful acts, deeds, or things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objectives.

17) To carryout research on e-governance issues or fund such research projects. For the purposes aforesaid, to sign, execute and deliver such assurances and deeds as many be necessary.


Source:  CMC, GoK.